Pampered Pets - On The RunOur expert staff are ready to pamper your precious pet(s) with an all-natural spa bath, facials, pawdicures, massages, dazzling new styles and more. We offer several grooming and spa packages to delight our canine clients. Additionally, our facility has soothing music throughout and our Boutique is in a class all of its own featuring clothing, jewels, handmade bowls and art by a local artist.

Our staff is commited to providing a loving, safe, quality experience for all our furry clients.

Our grooming and spa treatments use all natural products & with gentle conversation, hugs and love and we provide the most stress-free experience possible.

We take pride in our quality service and we focus on getting them back to their owners as quickly as possible.

    Pampered Pets - On The RunOn the Run
  • The pamper me package includes our spa bath
  • nail trimming and filing
  • ear cleaning
  • anal gland expression, if needed
  • and brushing
    Pampered Pets - On The RunCiao Bella!
  • The Ciao Bella! package includes our On the Run package
  • A light trim on the face, feet and sani area
    Pampered Pets - On The RunThe Fab Furry Luxe
  • The Fab Furry Luxe - Our signature package includes our On the Run package
  • A dazzling full body trim with styling
  • A spritz of a yummy scented doggie perfume
    Pampered Pets - On The RunExtra Services
  • Special Aromatherapy, Medicated Shampoos and Conditioner, Shed-less Treatment, Facials, Dematting, Flea Treatments and Teeth Brushing.